Viru update

“There is little I can do. At the moment I would leave for London with my wife (Aarti) and son Aryaveer,” Sehwag said.

The injury and after, from Viru Sehwag.

3 thoughts on “Viru update

  1. More likely, Liju, from what I’ve been hearing, that neither VS nor the team physio thought much of the injury. Grade 1 tears are just that — minor. The average joe gets that lifting something he shouldn’t have, hurts for a few days and then it heals — which was what was expected in this case, only the wound refused to heal in the expected time. IMHO, that business of tensions between MSD and VS is grossly exaggerated — what I hear is that MSD was pissed at being constantly asked about Viru’s injury, and why he was not being put back in the lineup. The short answer is ‘I don’t know’ — how many times does he have to say that?

  2. Does that mean that Viru was hiding the injury and had a free ride for himself and his family? Was that the reason for any of the mentioned tension between Viru and Dhoni?

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