When enough is not enough

DNA has a slide show on all the new goodies Mumbai cops have acquired or will acquire post 26/11. And while on that, Time magazine served up a timely aide memoire when it looked at whether India had learnt the lessons of 26/11.

The reordering of agencies under the NIA, however, has been more warmly received. Creating and training new units — not simply recycling old officers with new titles — has been vital, according to Raman. “For a change, it’s not simply cannibalization. So it’s not about the same officers being given more jobs. It’s about new officers being posted and new units being raised. All of that is happening.” Still, the process of getting more boots on the ground, police on the streets and, perhaps most important, ships at sea, remains a perilously long one. “It takes 18 to 24 months to get a fully trained sailor, about three years to get a fully trained officer,” says AK Kumar, former director general of the Coast Guard. “There’s no shortage of volunteers in our country, but by the time the effects are seen on the ground, it will take two to three years.”

There are delays — and then there are delays. In the immediate wake of 26/11 when public anger was at its peak and an election loomed, Home Minister P Chidambaram was committing to all sorts of things, when he wasn’t apologizing for various omissions. The anger has abated, the elections are over, PC is back as Home Minister in a government that claims a clear mandate to work sans impedence by troublesome allies. Heard anything further on initatives like this, lately?


One thought on “When enough is not enough

  1. I think i read about the NSG hubs being operational by end of July in Chennai and also being setup in Hyd too. At least am optimistic about Chidambaram. He wont be found as lacking as Shivraj Patil or Advani when it comes to getting things done.

    There will be a few lax moments here and there and a few bombings and killings, but trust PC to fix some of the loopholes at least. He sure is a hard task master.

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