Web shavings

An occasionally updated post of gleanings from my favorite browser:

  • Remember the Intel ad that goes ‘Our superstars are not like your superstars’? Turns out ‘our’ superstars aren’t even our superstars — the Ajay Bhatt in the ad is actually a role-playing actor. [Via Asfaq Tapia]. And here, below, is the ad:
  • How cool is it for firefighters to get an emergency call to fight a blaze in their own station?
  • Mind over matter — or how the cricketer of the future could end up hitting a yorker on middle stump for a straight six? [Link courtesy Satish Sangameshwaran]
  • In a case of taking criticism too far, a sheriff’s deputy has been arrested for throwing up at a concert by country star Kenny Chesney.