You are what you pee

  • If while urinating there is noise then man will enjoy happiness
  • If there is no noise then one will become poor in later life
  • If urine falls clockwise in two three or four streams respectively then one becomes a king.
  • Those who urinate in a dispersed manner face poverty
  • Only single stream urination will make one very beautiful but without children
  • Drop by drop urination will make one very learned
  • If there are bubbles while urination person is potent.
  • And that is only the bit I could quote in a public forum from this extended treatise on reading the future from the shape of your pee-pee. Go ahead, knock yourself out. [Link courtesy Prahalad Rao]

    Update: Oh, hey, and when you are done examining your bodily fluid to see if it contains the bubbles of potency, use what remains to power your home, your car, your lawn-mower, whatever.

    Man, think of all those oil-rich Sheikhs. One day, they have the keys to the mint. Next day, anyone can piss himself a fortune after chugging down a six pack of Coors. [Link courtesy Hemant Puthli].


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