High stakes for England

As I write this, Australia are 31/2 with rain having caused an interruption. England is on top, but needs to press on and bowl Australia out for as little as possible. No, not because it can finally win an Ashes Test at Lord’s after the 1930s, but because a heck of a lot of countrymen can get cheap flights. Here’s the story.


3 thoughts on “High stakes for England

  1. After India’s T20 WC defeats against WI & England, it was quite appalling to see a whole bunch of commentators talking about India’s weakness against pace & bounce. They kept reiterating the fact that “these were not subcontinent wickets”. (Nasser Hussain being the most vocal of ’em all). This theory seemed atrocious since some of India’s finest wins recently have all been achieved on good lively pitches and against some quality pace bowling. A team does not lose it’s skill overnight has always been my belief.

    Today, we saw 5 out of 8 Aussies get out to pull shots. But there was no one in the commentary team suggesting that Aussies were weak against pace! Sad but true.., “the skills against pace” topic is only discussed for subcontinental teams and it’s extremely disturbing to see such bias in the commentary teams.

    Oh BTW, the ball started swinging for the English and not for the Australians. Replace England with Pakistan, and we would’ve had a captain suggesting that he was surprised that they got more swing! At this rate, this cricketing world is definitely heading for a split!

  2. They are now 8 wickets down sir ! Can’t believe it. Apparently the Poms have never taken down the Aussies at Lords in the past 75 years !

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