Abey Kuruvilla’s successor

Is Freddie Flintoff the next Abey Kuruvilla?

It’s Andy Zaltzman — what more to say?


3 thoughts on “Abey Kuruvilla’s successor

  1. I remember the Mohali match! Only a guy from Kerala will remember Abey Kuruvilla’s performance since he was the Kerala guy in the team until Tinu Yohannan became the real Kerala guy to make it to the Indian team. 🙂 Having said that, the main difference between Flintoff’s match and the other match was that Flintoff won his match for England.

    Prem, while on the topic of fast bowlers, can you please explain the difference between reverse swing and an inswinger? I have not heard the terms outswinger and inswinger for many years now. I assume that inswinger is the same as reverse swing?

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