Bellyache worsens due to IPL

No, seriously — the IPL is responsible for a chronic bellyache occasioned by laughing so hard at IPL-related stories. Like this one.

That plan included a restriction on Pietersen running at training, but it emerged that the batsman, enthused at the apparent progress of the injury, opted to go for a jog along the boardwalk of Durban, his hometown, of his own accord. He reported pain upon returning to the hotel, and struggled through ensuing series against West Indies and Australia. He has since undergone surgery to alleviate the effects of chronic tendinopathy, and will miss the last three Tests of the Ashes series.

I see. So the argument is that if KP hadn’t played in the IPL, he would not have been in Durban. If he wasn’t in Durban, he wouldn’t have run on the beach. If he hadn’t run on the beach, he wouldn’t have experienced pain.

Butterflies have flapped wings in the Amazon rain forest without such cataclysmic results.

It is of course a minor matter that May 6 thru 18, KP played two Tests against the West Indies; that in June he played four games in the T20 World Cup; and that before finally crocking his Achilles he played two Tests against Australia [oh okay, discount those last two Tests, he was in pain].

But never mind all that:

Player participation in the IPL has been a sensitive topic in England since Andrew Flintoff damaged his knee playing for Chennai Super Kings; an injury that ruled out of the Test and one-day series against West Indies as well as the ICC World Twenty20.

Ah well. Makes the job of doctors considerable easier, at the least. Open wide. Say aaaah! Oh, okay, it’s the IPL — take two aspirin and see me next season.


4 thoughts on “Bellyache worsens due to IPL

  1. Lets assume for a moment that playing IPL did cause those serious injuries. What England do about it ?

    England Press and public should realize that IPL is here to stay no matter how much they whine about it. The best they can do is to stop Eng players from joining IPL. IPL would barely notice that. But Eng would notice that suddenly many good Eng players start ‘Retiring’ . Flintoff did not ‘retire’ from Test cricket to extend his career to play for Eng. He did it so that he can collect his yearly million dollar paycheck from IPL for few more years. If they continue to annoy KP with IPL issues I am pretty sure he would also ‘retire’ from testcricket.

  2. Prem

    What gets me with all this IPL related injuries is this : I’m pretty sure Lalit Modi ( well should I be that sure considering it’s him ??) didn’t put a gun to either KP or AF’s head and said – boys you better play, else RIP !

    Why don’t they ask the two guys – why running so blindly behind the cash ???

    Plus, Matty Hayden missed the WI tour in 08 after the IPL due to Achilles, but he recovered to play the series against NZ/S Af before retiring.

    Maybe KP/AF aren’t built to recover from injuries as well as the rest ???

    • The joke there is, the story itself very clearly says KP was told not to run, but decided to run on the beach — which, from the limited experience of one who hasn’t lived near a beach since he left Calicut — is tougher on the legs than road work even. And apparently it was when he got back from the run he wasn’t supposed to be on that he felt the pain. What on earth did the IPL even remotely have to do with his idiocy?

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