The quiet achiever

The weekend is here, finally. Will leave you with a couple of videos — an aide memoire of a quiet, understated performer who at his peak was among the masters of left arm swing and seam. 355 wickets in Tests; one of four bowlers with 400 or more ODI wickets: if it weren’t for Muthaiah Muralitharan, Vaas would have easily been the most influential Sri Lankan bowler of his generation.

Vaas, in his own immoderately modest words:

Vaas said he began his Test career at a time when Sri Lanka was nowhere in the top league and was proud to have contributed to his country’s progress. “After 15 years Sri Lanka has made giant strides and is able to rub shoulders with the best. While many people have contributed to this transformation, I am proud to have played my own little part in this process,” he said. “I may not have been the most talented cricketer to play for Sri Lanka but I’ve worked hard on my game and was able to produce good results. There is no substitute for hard work.”


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  1. Prem

    Just had to leave this link here – I’m speechless. These blokes are Sri Lankans singing in hindi. The best part is the cricketers in the video 🙂

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