Recreating a recreation

These last few days, the media has latched on to another phenomenon: one-time colleague Chindu Sreedharan’s Twitter-based retelling of the Mahabharat from Bhim’s point of view. Mentions in The Hindu, India Today, DNA and Indian Express. Experimentation is fun — the more the merrier.

Here’s Chindu, on the whys and wherefores of his retelling.


3 thoughts on “Recreating a recreation

  1. In my ongoing effort to read as many variants of Mahabharata , I went to Chindu too, as Mr. Kapalik said it just reads like your blog split into multiple tweets with a very strange sense of Deja Vu. Twitter would work if most of what is said does not require subtext. I guess ramayana might make a great tweet material as the author will not have to worry about multiple interpretation..

  2. Chindu, from the years I’ve known him, is curious about the emerging tools of journalism and always into experimenting — which is what this is. I’ll confess that I once vaguely wondered about using this same device to tell this story — in my case, I had second thoughts because I was doubtful if Twitter could help me establish the emotional undercurrents I needed. That said, experimentation is good — you at least find out what a tool can do and what it cannot.

  3. Prem,

    The work is fairly disappointing. It shows that Mahabharat isn’t suitable for twitter. It is almost as if one blog entry of yours is being split into multiple twitter updates, but each entry isn’t complete unlike your blog entries. The minimum is to go for a blog as you have done. At least, he should be credited for being open about the sources.

    All this media interest also proves that media cares for novelty, not quality. I am surprised that there hasn’t been much media coverage on your series. It is novel too as an epic hasn’t been blogged about before but then blogs are yesterday’s news. Your blog could have been covered last year or so but I suspect that the infrequent updates and the buggy site hurt (I am glad you switched to wordpress as I had been suggesting for long).


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