The pigeon-friendly chief minister

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati seeks a budgetary allocation of Rs 656 crore for building toilets for pigeons.


One thought on “The pigeon-friendly chief minister

  1. Mayawati takes the cake with her behavior. Countless CMs before her have wasted public money but none have done so in the reckless manner that the UP CM has shown till date. In fact, i don’t even recall any South Indian CM who opened his/her own statue during the CM term. Do you know any example?

    How can the government that normally has tons of useless rules, not have one on wasteful expenditure? Maybe it is time for the Ministry of Statues & Parks which can lay the guidelines/rules for statues and ‘political’ parks. I nominate Jayanthi Natarajan as MoS for this ministry

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