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Following on from an earlier post about media response to former colleague Chindu Sreedharan’s Bhim-centric narrative on Twitter, here’s more — this time a story, and an interview, from Reuters.


4 thoughts on “Add Bhim

  1. Prem!

    I am surprised that even after your twittering friend credits the original (MT) and your work for his twittering project, the media article (now and earlier) does not tell even a bit about “Bhimsen”.


    • Oh, the media always gets seduced by the “new”, because it is a “story”. No surprises, no issues either — what the hell, mate, I’m a journo myself, with 20 years in this field and a heap of contacts in pretty much all papers. If I needed this written about, easily done.

  2. In addition to what I posted earlier, here’s one more reason why the “experiment” doesn’t make sense for twitter. It will, IMO, only succeed in garnering media attention.

    ***** Extract

    Q: You are using TweetDeck, TwitterBerry and your mobile to file updates — has it actually turned out to be “fiction on the go”?

    A: “Not in the very strict sense — not yet anyway. I do use different platforms to post, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that I am writing in between other things. What I do is, do the tweets for the day in the morning – and since I run around a lot, mail it to myself. And then post it one by one, from wherever I am.”

    • Yeah, there are other reasons as well, that occurred to me when I briefly toyed with the idea of taking the Mrityunjaya retelling onto Twitter. But that’s okay — experimenting is good, and you learn something anyway, so hey…

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