Two opinions for your consideration [sans comment, because I’m all talked out on the issue, at least for now]: Jayaditya Gupta is categorical that the stance taken by the BCCI and the Indian cricketers on the issue is flat out wrong; Harsha Bhogle argues that there are good points being made by both sides, and a via media can and should be found.

2 thoughts on “More WADA

  1. There was a poll on Cricinfo on this – three options. The opinions were almost split equally into 1/3 rd parts – so as Harsha says this is a tough one.

  2. Yuvraj singh and Harbhajan singh shouldn’t be allowed to talk… they come up with more comedy than sense.. Yuvraj Singh’s latest comments give you the impression that they’re against random off-season testing at all…i.e, nobody should intrude on their free time…

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