Up close and personal

At times batsmen take the chat from the close-in fielders personally. I remember once, Lou Vincent, fed up of my chirping, telling me to either shut up or face the consequences. I didn’t stop, and the next ball, from Anil Kumble, was hit directly into my knees. It was a short-pitched delivery, and Lou was batting on 100, so instead of hitting it to the fence he chose to target me. It hit my knee, which had been operated on a while ago, and caused quite some pain, but I couldn’t show it, and I didn’t. It was a little mean of him to react that way, but that’s how the game is played at the highest level. He got out to the next delivery and I celebrated as if it was my first Test wicket.

The third, in Akash Chopra’s eminently readable series on aspects of cricket from a player’s pov. The earlier ones were linked to here.