Bolt from the blue

Sometime back, Usain Bolt suggested he could hit the 9.54 second mark in the 100 meters. At the world’s, he’s gotten within 0.04 seconds of that — and there’s time yet. A recent LiveScience story goes one better, to suggest that he will some day hit 9.51 secs.

Wait for the day. Meanwhile, enjoy an awesome spectacle — and wonder at what this guy could do if he is really pushed:

Update: K Balakumar on Twitter pointed me at this  link.

It figures that within minutes after Usain Bolt ran 100 meters in 9.58 seconds at the World Track and Field Championships, someone would ask whether he was fueled by more than his favorite foods, chicken nuggets and Jamaican yams.

I wouldn’t have expected otherwise in a sport in which so many top sprinters — Ben Johnson, Justin Gatlin, Tim Montgomery, Marion Jones — have been busted for doping. For a long time, I always have reacted with “how” rather than “wow” when I saw a time like Bolt’s.

Fairly sad, that we can no longer take unalloyed delight in a supreme sporting accomplishment.


3 thoughts on “Bolt from the blue

  1. It’s strange to see Carl Lewis talking about Bolt when it was obvious he was also under suspicion even after he retired,am sure many of the Americans escaped during active competition as they wanted to beat the Soviets at all “costs”

  2. This news report could have been 1/4 the length it is, it goes on and on and on. The “real” content is covered in the first 25secs and then it’s all fodder, no wonder the news reporting business has become a burden for the nation…you do need it however itcomes with a lot of baggage.

    Any takers for a news organization that can provide just the “right” content …

  3. …sounds like cricket doesn’t it? take the recent Pak-SL series…what a wonderful series! Therefore it was sad when Abdul Qadir derided the great efforts of the Pakis by suggesting that may be some match fixing was going on! So sad that so much effort on the field by youngsters of a resurgent great cricket nation being brought down before they even began their careers!


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