Come back SRK, all is forgiven

The Indian government is ‘taking up strongly‘ the case of Shah Rukh Khan who, gasp, horrors, was detained for questioning at Newark airport. The Left led by Prakash Karat, I’m told, is celebrating — they’ve been saying all along that this strategic partnership with the US is all hokum and needs to be axed forthwith.

Meanwhile, my heart goes out to Shah Rukh. While we feel outraged [Even Gotham Chopra is not immune from this pervasive sense of outrage. Hell, even his wife Candace is not immune, and that should tell you something — at the least, it tells you that Bob Dylan really doesn’t rate similarly iconic status], and the Khans of Bollywood with one exception unite under the ‘My name is Khan’ banner [any resemblance to an upcoming movie is purely coincidental], my heart goes out to the star.

Now that the US knows who he is, surely they can honor a couple of simple wishes?

1: Shah Rukh Khan does not want an apology. He is very clear about that. Come on, America — is that too much to ask, that you don’t say sorry?

2. Shah Rukh Khan wants to go back to his country. Again — is that too much to ask? Buy the man a ticket, for god’s sake.

Oh, you mean he wants to come back to his country after he is done performing at half a dozen other venues, for which he has already been booked and paid?

Okay then… make that an open ticket.

PS: This from Sepia Mutiny.


4 thoughts on “Come back SRK, all is forgiven

  1. SRK, baby, sorry you got detained, but no one gives a flying fuck.
    You want come to the US, you deal with their procedures.


  2. Why the hell is SRK still flying in commercial planes? He should be jetting around in private jets ..and will surely avoid this mess – specially his “baggage” will never be delayed.

    Dont be cheap when you are an international icon 🙂

  3. Thanks mate, a little more of this and I’ll be blushing. Not that you can see it because of my beard, but still… 🙂

  4. Good one, Prem.

    I have been following yoru blog for a while and I must tell you that you write superb stuff. Your tongue in cheek humour is awesome, you are one of the few sensible writers on cricket and your rest of the writing (e.g. Bhimsen) is awesome too.

    Keep the good work going.

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