From the desk of the acclaimed Hindu statesman

Rajan Zed fears a Julia Roberts-starrer will depict Hinduism in bad light.

Rajan Zed says that ‘namaste’ is a greeting that symbolizes love and respect.

Rajan Zed asks that the makers of the Cities of Love series include Mumbai in the list because it is home to the largest movie industry.

Rajan Zed wants prominent Australian entertainers to respond to AR Rahman’s gesture and hold concerts in major Indian cities.

Rajan Zed urges celebrities to explore the spiritual side of yoga.

Rajan Zed believes AR Rahman opening a studio in LA will help further popularize Indian music.

Rajan Zed argues that the Oscars will gain added credibility by introducing a Best Bollywood Movie award [the gent clearly hasn’t heard of Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Orissa, Bengali and other vibrant language movie industries] where Hindi movies can compete among themselves.

Here’s the scary thought: All of these in August alone, and the month is only 17 days old.


A tip for newspaper editors: The words “acclaimed Hindu statesman” that inevitably begins the second graf of his press statements should, if used in your copy, go in quotes. As above. Because you are quoting him as saying he is an acclaimed Hindu statesman. You are not stating ineluctable fact.

A request to headline writers: ‘Rajan Zed asks for Best Bollywood Movie Oscar’ is correct. NOT ‘Hindus ask for Best Bollywood Movie Oscar’. There is a difference. Rajan Zed is an idiot a Hindu. Singular. He is not vast; he does not, to channel John Donne, contain multitudes.

Thank you.

12 thoughts on “From the desk of the acclaimed Hindu statesman

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  4. BS. Why are we against Hindu leaders? What’s wrong with what he says about Namaste or making yoga more popular.

    The “liberal” India mind is pussy footed, and has no sense of identity besides bashing Hindus and their leaders. Prem, shame on you

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  6. Oh thank you , thank you, thank you !

    This guy has been driving me CRAZY . We could not address this on our blog as I wanted to because we were busy dealing with harassment by OTHER religious nutbags ( long story)!


  7. Post Post Script – headline writers, please see following as usage guideline

    Rajan Zed, the self-proclaimed “acclaimed Hindu statesman” said blah blah blah.

    seemed to come naturally to most of you with MJ and the ‘self-proclaimed “King of Pop”‘ bit. Thank you.

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