Top Secret

Okay, if there is anyone from Gujarat reading this, stop right now — I don’t need Narendra Modi on my case. For the rest of you, here goes — an excerpt from Jinnah, the book at the center of the ongoing fuss.


2 thoughts on “Top Secret

  1. And to me, the best sentence of the article (now, i am going to buy this book!)

    “Turkey or Egypt, if they stop being aggressively Muslim, they will remain exactly what they are – Turkey or Egypt. But if Pakistan does not become and remain aggressively Islamic it will become India again. Amity with India will mean getting swamped by this all enveloping embrace of India”

  2. And to think that the BJP leaders saw this book as a praise of Jinnah….

    It is clear that they haven’t read the book or didn’t understand the sentence …

    “Mohammed Ali Jinnah was, to my mind, fundamentally in error proposing ‘Muslims as a separate nation’, which is why he was so profoundly wrong when he simultaneously spoke of ‘lasting peace, amity and accord with India after the emergence of Pakistan’; that simply could not be.”

    How much clearer does one need to get? This is Jaswant’s analysis of History & Jinnah was a good man wronged than a villain …

    BJP leaders – Dissent is the healthcheck of democracy. Not the other way round!

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