Arise, Sir Usain!

The Guardian said it best — it is not that Usain Bolt shattered two world records [the second one in a race he says he hadn’t properly trained for, and wasn’t feeling fully up to].

What it is, is that Bolt’s running defeats our powers of description and our stock of adjectives, both.

Carl Lewis in particular might be interested in this little titbit from the IAAF: Bolt’s as clean as the pair of heels he showed the field — and speaking of clean pairs of heels, here’s an interesting visualization of just what Bolt has achieved.

The really scary part of what Bolt accomplished is this:

“Maybe next time I should just run the 200m or the 100m alone. My form was going backwards. I wasn’t running upright. It wasn’t a good race but it was a fast one.”

If this is how he runs while on the recovery track from an accident and while, in his own evaluation, his form is going backward, what the hell can he do when he is fit and really hungry? The man thinks 9.4 seconds; another day, another time, you’d react with a getthefuckoutahere, but with this bloke you begin to wonder if he is understating the case.

Just give him that knighthood already — maybe while he is distracted by the bauble, the rest of the pack can play catch up or at least get to where they are good enough to push him hard.

When words fail, videos might work — so watch these two back to back. And while watching, remember this: the star of the first video said, shortly before Beijing, that the star of the second would never catch up to him because he was yet to master the nuances of 200 meter running.

There are times when seeing is not believing. This is one of those.


7 thoughts on “Arise, Sir Usain!

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  2. It’s amazing that he has done the 200m in 19.20 seconds. It’s just further proof that he did run the 100m in 9.6 seconds :-). Double the distance, double the time – amazing..

    I sincerely hope he isn’t doped in any form. Pure bliss to see the Americans being obliterated in the 100/200 m mens !

    • I actually looked for an even quicker time considering what he had done in the 100 — on the thought that if he can accelerate the way he does over the shortest sprint, he will be at flat out speed at the start of the second half of the 200. Watching the run made me wonder if he wasn’t right after all, in saying he wasn’t at his best in the 200 — scary thought, that.

      • Fair point. As you watch the race, it does appear for some reason he didn’t exert himself a 100 %, else maybe close to a sub 19 time could have been achieved !

        This bloke is indeed scary.

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