India’s got talent…

Spectacular — as this duo has been throughout the competition. But as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance might say — a tad short on the dancing, and a tad too much focus on stringing together a sequence of astonishing lifts. And then there’s this lot:

Shekhar Kapur on the troupe that went on to win the inaugural edition — and is already reaping the rewards:

Many other acts came over time through the auditions and semi finals etc, that I grew to love. Some performed better in the semi finals and auditions, others outclassed themselves in the finals. But none were so visually stunning, so aesthetic, so zen like and transcendent. So confident in their own art of formations, that did not feel the need for constant energetic movements that most other acts fell in the trap of….

But I think the Prince Dance group had won the hearts of the Indian people even before the finals. There was something so emotional and completely Indian about their acts, but on par with the best international traditions of modern group choreography that made us all proud to be Indian. And to know that some of the participants of this group were brick kiln labourers, who normally come to our attention more because we read stories about how this class is completely exploited by the Kiln owners, and earn bare subsistence wages.

The bit I liked? That neither Krishna Mohan Reddy the troop leader nor the members of his group have any kind of training at all — in choreography or in dance.

So each day as they work in those kilns, these are the visions that alleviate the relentless monotony of existence: visions of arms and legs and bodies moving, fusing, morphing from the individual into particular shapes, formations…

Me? I think of girls.


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