Blog on a break

Various deadlines of a suffocating nature, hence off this thing for the day and only sporadic till Monday.

Oh, and once before I resisted the temptation to postpone Bhim so I could write a lengthier episode, and instead broke it up into two merely to fit into an arbitrary deadline. This time, I am succumbing to the temptation — a very long Bhim follows, but only on Monday — I need mental space and time to write this, and both are luxuries I don’t have this week.

Later, people.


3 thoughts on “Blog on a break

  1. Prem,

    Waiting for the next episode.

    Hey, never saw any comments from you on the US healthcare reform fight that’s going on. Care to comment on it?

  2. Great!! (No, I do not refer to your suffocating deadlines, but to the prospect of a lengthier Bhim on Monday.)
    When you had broken it into 2 episodes last time, I had said I would prefer a lengthier/more-thought-out episode than an artificial-deadline imposed one.

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