Back, sort of…

Thanks all for the words of sympathy with ref my cousin. Strange how death seems to hit home with greater impact when the deceased is young — I wonder if it is the thought of a life left un-lived, or the realization that youth does not inoculate you from a sudden end, or a combination of both.

Anyway, back — blogging [and responses to comments left on earlier posts] will resume once I’ve settled back in and caught up with the world; ie, later today.


One thought on “Back, sort of…

  1. Prem,

    Condolence to you and the relatives.

    I think we celebrate birth for its promise and potentials while mourn death to part ourselves from all the emotional attachments we have built with the departed. I guess, when the departed in young, we are troubled with both these thoughts simultaneously, and perhaps the pain is more intense.

    Prayers for the departed soul.


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