Raina’s signature perfume

What's wrong with this picture?

What's wrong with this picture?

Take a look at this picture. What’s wrong with it?

Admittedly, while Raina here is playing a short ball it is not, judging by the evidence of his eyes, a bouncer.

Yet it is a good example of all that is wrong with the youngster when confronted with deliveries not in his half of the pitch:

He is more square on than side on for starters, which means he is not ideally positioned to either duck [if he does, he will actually be ducking into the ball] or to sway out of line.

Equally, look at the positioning of his hands: The right elbow is way off line and almost useless in terms of controlling the bat.

‘Fear of the short ball’ is the indictment leveled in recent times at the likes of Raina and Rohit Sharma, but I’m not sure ‘fear’ is the operative word — it is more a case of defective technique. Aakash Chopra’s column on dealing with the bouncer has a lead image of a player equally technique-deficient: eyes looking away from the ball, bat held at half-cock in a reflexive gesture…

All of which is why I found this story from last week interesting.

What made today’s contest the more fascinating was Raina’s revelation at the end of the game that Dravid was one of the people, along with Gary Kirsten and Sachin Tendulkar, who’d helped him tackle the short ball in the camp before this tournament.

On balance, you’d have to say the youngster has a fair way to go yet before he makes good on his boast to send the next bouncer he gets into the stratosphere.


13 thoughts on “Raina’s signature perfume

  1. sanu u r really a ladu ……….. pls play well and take care of ur health …………my pet for u is ranu always i call u the same……..bye ranu..

  2. Prem should work on explaining why Raina is far superior to the diet of rubbish selections promoted by Srikkant.. the likes of whom couldn’t make a decent contribution against SA in tests on home soil.. Lets not refer to the on-off love affair with Dinesh Karthik. I’m laughing at the Murali Vijay rise and quick demise; and yourself for showing up your hockus-pockus theories. BTW, long live Dravid.. the great technician, great son of Indore, MP… as if IT MATTERED!! Clearly you need to grow up.

  3. Hi Prem, while I agree that Raina has technical deficiencies, I disagree with you on the nature of the problem. The picture above, and watching him on TV, it looks like the bigger problem is that he doesn’t manage to transfer his weight properly onto the back foot when playing short-ish bowling. As a result, he’s neither in a position to swivel around and put the ball away, nor would he be able to balance himself while swaying or ducking.
    As for staying side-on, if he plans to play at the ball, he will automatically have to open himself up. It’s not as if Dravid or Tendulkar would execute a pull or hook while staying completely side-on either. Raina appears to be swivelling his upper body, but his hips are still pointing towards mid-off, which means that he’s twisting around his front leg.
    Here’s an interesting discussion of this topic that I came across while trawling the net: http://getfitforcricket.blogspot.com/2009/05/putting-myth-to-bed.html

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