A nod and a wink

I’m not sure why, but the first thought that popped into my head when I read the Page 1 headline this morning was: Thomas Beckett.

Or maybe I do know why. Henry II may have asked ‘Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?’, or not. Point is, his actions left in the minds of the ‘more loyal than the king’ section of the nobility the impression that the king would actively welcome a bloody solution, that they could even be rewarded for it. Which is pretty much the impression Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi appears to have created in a section of the law and order machinery.

For all any one of us knows, Modi had no desire to bolster his ‘strong on terror’ image through stories that set him up as a target for the Lashkar-e-Tayeba. For all we know, had the likes of Vanzara sought his express approval before killing the likes of Sohrabuddin Sheikh [the Geeta Johri report] and Ishrat Jahan, Modi would have been horrified, and refused point blank. For all we know.

Accepting all of that for the sake of argument, the question is: what is it about Modi — a man who clearly aspires to lead a national party and maybe some day, if the electoral dice fall right, the country — that led top police officials and even state ministers to assume that he would appreciate, even reward, fake encounters, stage-managed killings of innocent people, to bolster the impression that the Gujarat CM was constantly in the cross-hairs of terrorists?


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  1. The wide distribution of the video of riots in Sangli where some good decent folks (the kind rediff likes) took offense to the bad guys expressing their freedom of expression by having a display showing shivaji killing afzan khan (who if you believe the rioters is their freaking prophet hisself).

    Thanks to youtube, those middle class secularity types will finally see the truth about how riots get started and hopefully I will be spared the “Can’t we all get along…” attitude next time I have to socialize with this kind.

    Those who want to understand what happens, go see the videos for yourself. I will spare advertisements on this site, go search on google or youtube yourself. See how your govt acts, how your beloved minorities act. This is what the mainstream media DOES NOT want you to see (including rediff). It hurts their social engineering agenda.

    Prem, I remember your reporting on hyderabad riots a few years back. I was there and was very much hurt (because I stupidly believed you and your site were different then). Of all the things that happened, you had to fill words about a conversation with an auto driver….It is like focussing on a lost pet after 200,000 were killed in a tsunami. But you were just doing what the mainstream media has been doing all along since the times of Nehru. Doing the even-even thingie when it was pretty clear who started the riot, how the police handled it and what happened later, which is the most reportable one for folks outside those neighborhoods in hyderabad, but media like rediff will go out of their way to mask the truth. Next time you write something about Modi/Togadia , please look in a mirror to see the monster who created these characters. With videos widely available, it is folks like your employer who lose their reputation, not the above combo.

    The indian elite have basically two choices: 1). Stop access of internet videos to the unwashed masses of hindoos which means censorship or 2). deal with the explosion of such videos in future. Which means you guys are going to lose your hold on the flow of information.

    And you are worried about modi, jaswant, advani and all. Modi is just the beginning. He will eventually be overthrown once these videos attain decent viewership with something far far worse.

    Hey, how about extra judicial killings of dalits in Nallakunta police station, Hyderabad under a christian CM of AP…. rather than one or two of the right kind in Gujrat? Since truth is expendable, how about tying Modi to those too? How many dalits should die in police stations to get 1/10th of the attention of 1 muslim (alleged terrorist) from mainstream media? Could they be kind enough to at least let us know the formula?

    • If an innocent citizen was killed by the police is a crime and the criminals must be prosecuted. The religion of the victim and of the criminal is should not be the issue.

      In fact even if the person was not innocent, was even a terrorist, even in that case the police has no right to kill the person in staged encounter killings ( repeat I am talking about staged encounter).

      So if person was killed in Hyderabad by the police that does not mean somebody getting killed in Gujarat is justified.Also if some Muslims started a riot in Sangli that does not mean it is justified for the police to kill somebody in Gujarat.

  2. It is unlikely Modi will ever lead the BJP . Since BJP will need build coalition to get to power. With Modi as a leader it would be tough for any party other than Shiv Sena to sign up.
    Even Advani had to make way Vajpaye so that a working alliance could be formed arround the BJP.

    I am not saying never Who would have thought Deve Gowda ,Gujral, Manmohan Singh etc would ever be a PM.

  3. “a man who clearly aspires to lead a national party and maybe some day, if the electoral dice fall right, the country —”
    You mean “the electoral dice fall right FOR HIM”, right?

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