During a recent chat, Harsha Bhogle threw up an interesting point: If the IPL is supposed to be a platform for Indian cricket to fine tune its team, strengthen its bench, then how well has it done in terms of throwing up the future captain of the national team?

There’s MS Dhoni with the Chennai Super Kings, as incumbent. There’s Viru Sehwag with Delhi, but he says he doesn’t want to lead the national team [the reasons for the sudden renunciation remain unclear].

There’s Yuvraj Singh with the Punjab outfit, but… “Yuvraj’s comment that the captaincy makes him angry is in my mind the quote of the IPL,” Harsha said. Besides, if you were paying close attention to Punjab’s games, what would have struck you with force is that Yuvraj was captain in name only — it was Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara who at all times seemed to be controlling the action; they were constantly consulting each other, making changes in the field placing, deciding on bowling changes — and Yuvraj was quite content to stay in his fielding position and let the two Sri Lankans handle the reins.

“I don’t want to be a captain, I have already told selectors about it. I have said that a new player should be made vice-captain and be groomed to be a captain,” Sehwag told Indian news channel News24. “I want that I should continue to score runs and keep winning matches for the team.”

Full marks to Viru for foresight, and for being upfront about his own intentions/ambitions and lack thereof — but where do the selectors go for the next vice captain? Gautam Gambhir has done fairly decently when he has had to take the reins from Viru, but outside of the Delhi opener, there is not in this Indian squad a single player from the younger lot who has cemented his position to the point where he is an automatic pick, and hence an option for apprenticeship in the leadership role.


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  2. The only one who is an automatic pick for all formats AND has the leadership potential is Gauti. He will be a good choice for the VC. He has also shown the mettle to handle the pressure that comes naturally with the Indian captaincy.

  3. Bhajji? He led MI in IPL1, is a certainty for all three forms, gives decent media interviews and isn’t injury-prone. He can however slap you hard.

    Gambhir does look more probable though. Led DD, plays all three forms, is a left-handed opener (that kind of helps). But didn’t he also kick someone hard?

    • Bajji? Interesting name, off the wall but you never know. Might be nice to see him lead in a few games at domestic level to see if he has the temperament to cut it — prima facie, seems a touch too volatile.

      If we remove from contention all youngsters who’ve slapped, kicked and such, we just might have to go back to Sachin. Or Rahul. 🙂

  4. why do u just look at only batsmen for next captain.. I accept that no new face has cemented his place in the team..
    Look at the bowlers too, as far as I know Praveen Kumar is a very good thinker and he can definitely be a captain material..
    How about Virat Kohli (all-rounder).. i seriously feel this guy hasn’t got enough opportunities, tell him that ‘you’ll play in next 20 matches, all u need to do is play your natural game, don’t worry about your place in the team for next 20 games’ then if he proves a point then groom him by making him deputy to MSD…

    Any day Virat appears much better than Kaif…. After watching T20 world cup I strongly believe Raina is going Kaif’s way.. The only way for him to stay in the team is by working on his flaws and fixing them…

    • Srik: I won’t debate the merits of Virat Kohli — the guy should be playing. But Virat has to be in the team first, before you even consider whether he is vice captain material, and that is not true right now so why go there? He has to first make the side, then cement a place in at least two of the three forms, and for that to happen we are at least one year, maybe two, away.

      Praveen Kumar? Same problem — he needs to play two consecutive series first.

      • very true… first let them cement their place in this Indian Line up… when I mentioned bowlers, the first person in my mind was Harbhajan Singh… he has led Mumbai Indians and now leading an Air India team… (see, he has already captained MSD 😉 ) so may be time to follow MSD and be his deputy…

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