Were you, like, wow?

On reading this, I was like, wow, why the fuck didn’t I think of writing that?! [Incidentally, here’s the Georgia piece mentioned at the end of the article — the Best American … Stories series is among my favorite collectibles whenever I go book-shopping].

Hat tip for the link, Tunku Varadarajan — whose latest, Too Many Kooks, on the right-wing reaction to Obama’s address to school children is also worth your while. While on the subject, here’s the opposite view. The takeaway? Both sides have been and continue to be idiots in their own ways — Tunku’s point being, maybe that should stop.

Tangential, check out David Denby on the art and craft of the snark.


One thought on “Were you, like, wow?

  1. I use like as a filler whenever I’m searching for some right word. Even though I dont use it, “I was like…” is used by folks to hit and press the ! key 🙂 I think it is a generic tool ‘cos you dont need to know the right phrases for the right situation. You can use it where ever you want. You dont need to know the difference between ‘over the moon’ and ‘as bald as a coot’ better yet no need to know them at all. An one size fits all!

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