600 pound knickers

Queen Victoria’s bloomers fetched 600 pounds at auction. [Michael Jackson’s gloves fetched $45,000, so there you go. Oh, and if they are buying underwear again, the recession must be over, yes?]

The real auction story though is this one: win a dinner with Sarah Palin. Check out the ifs and buts and other clauses, beginning with your needing to pass a background check. And then there’s this:

Dinner shall last no more than four hours, but could be less, in the sole discretion of Sarah Palin.


2 thoughts on “600 pound knickers

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  2. haha dude what kinda perv would wanna buy the queen’s underwear? that too such an ugly old one (both queen, and undies)
    and sarah palin? really? lol the one who thought dino’s were fake and the earth was what, 4000 years old? lol. and that too at her discretion. fuck that, either take my money or take my background check, bitch.

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