Roy and the art of brevity

The Economist recently reviewed Arundhati Roy’s Listening to Grasshoppers: Field Notes on Democracy [which, in a classic manifestation of burnt child dreading fire syndrome I haven’t worked up the courage to read yet; I’m still trying to recover from this one].

The review is 656 words.

Roy has just responded to the review.

The response is 1323 words. [That’ll teach them!]

Totally unrelated [Honest! Cross my heart and hope to die from choking on my own laughter honest!]: The Bullshit Generator.


4 thoughts on “Roy and the art of brevity

  1. Why dont they ban this woman ? (I know they cant ban her from writing, nor the bull-shitting houses from publishing her work)
    What exactly is her means of livelihood? How can that be cut-off ??

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