The BJP’s Swayamvar

Back in the day, when a kingdom didn’t have a natural heir, they apparently sent an elephant to wander the streets, with a garland in its trunk — and whichever neck the noose garland went around, would be installed as the next king.

In keeping with its deep grounding in classical Hindu tradition, the BJP is sending out LK Advani [or he is setting out on his own] on a pan-India trek, complete with garland, to find talent for the party and who knows, maybe a successor to Rajnath Singh. Seriously — there’s grandstanding, and then there’s this.

To add to the mirth quotient, the RSS has asked Advani to take Rajnath Singh along!

Stop, already — my stomach hurts from laughing so much.


4 thoughts on “The BJP’s Swayamvar

  1. What is your take on dynastic politics Prem?
    A mother dies son is made to sit on the throne-he dies his widow is the supreme in command-she already has a designated heir to her throne-
    An aiport in Hyd is named after the deceased dynasty leader when there are other stalwarts in the state who might have served the state selflessly-The chief minister dies his son is next in line to keep the tradition
    Atleast BJP is not perpetuating dynasties- right Prem?

    • Cant agree more with you Ram!
      And you know what, if you can manage to bash up ‘Hindus’ and ‘Hinduism’ once in your speech somewhere – you stand to become a ‘top’ leader!

  2. A once proud party has turned itself into a parody! LK Advani, at the ripe young age of 82 cannot show grace and leave politics behind. Why not give those bones some rest?

    Rajnath Singh – the less said about him, the better for all.

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