The halt and the lame

There is only one way to tell you this: with a straight face.

So: Gautam Gambhir, who has strained his groin, will be replaced in Sri Lanka by Virat Kohli, who has strained his shoulder.

There — and I didn’t even crack a smile. [Any speculation on whether the groin is more key to playing cricket than the shoulder is entirely up to you]

One thought on “The halt and the lame

  1. its just that, they want to make sure all injured players are tested, to see if the injury can be dragged on till Champs trophy… if yes, then fine else they can take rest and get ready for a bigger tournament caled ‘T20 Champs League’

    Trophy is one.. but League is bigger…

    A rare example of domestic tournament overtaking international tournament…

    I would say Subramaniam Badrinath was a better option.. given that he has payed well in corporate tournament and also had a good start last time in SL… how about Uthappa or Manish Pandey or may be LAXMAN!!???
    I feel selectors felt an injured Virat is still more dependable than Uthappas and Dosas…

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