The WTF quotient

Thanks to Rahul Bhatia of Open magazine and the Green Channel blog my WTF quota for the day has been met. This is the opening gambit:

Twenty years ago, give or take a month, The Satanic Verses was banned in India. Over the course of this month, there will be no dearth of writing on the ban of books, but on this anniversary, the real tragedy is not that book bans are still alive in the country but that there is a diminishment of the kind of literary ambition the book represents. Today you would be hard put to find Indian fiction in English that anybody would want banned.

It’s the kind of rant that begs a response. And it got its needings courtesy another friend, Chandrahas Choudhury [Scroll down to the comments].

PS: Got some work to do off-site. See you guys tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “The WTF quotient

  1. The guy who wrote that article does seem to be prejudiced, to trash books even without reading them. However, I am not sure if what he says is entirely untrue. I have tried reading fictions by Indian authors in recent times – I barely get past the first 20-odd pages. There is something that is lacking, something that grips the reader to read further.

    Maybe I am not reading the right ones.

    Can you come up with a reading list recommendations on Indian English fiction on your blog? Maybe, for people like us, who cannot read every/most published books, such a list can help selecting the good ones to read.

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