A quote for the ages

Beauty's brains

Beauty's brains

People think that I am this cerebral person because I have been the Miss Universe. They think I am too intelligent for comedy.

Lara, you beauty! One of these days you must sit down with us over a beer and explain just how you came up with that inimitable line.

[Link courtesy Amit Varma on Twitter]


9 thoughts on “A quote for the ages

  1. what i reckon is its an insult to the level of comedy, that its perceived to be too dumb, for somebody like her. but instead of saying just that, she goes ahead and says that she’s not that smart lol

  2. I dont understand people ..whats wrong with that picture!
    Lara is a gorgeous girl ..lets face it, err, watch her!
    I never thought PP’s followers were so prudish!

  3. Cannot think ofanything to say about the comment. I read this yesterday and I still shake my head whenever I think of it.
    With respect to the snap preview, please remove it. Clicking on links becomes one tedious job.

    • Eh? Market to who?! I’ve been turning down folks who want to advertise on this thing, why the devil would I want to market it to Bollywood of all places? It just struck me as a truly wtf comment, so I threw it in there.

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