Viru quits Daredevils captaincy

Not one for half measures, this guy. Not so long ago, the news came that he had decided to renounce his claims to the national captaincy. Turns out, he has also quit as captain of the DD franchise, where good mate Gautam Gambhir will take over.

“I would like to thank GMR [the franchise owners] for their understanding in accepting my request to step down,” Sehwag said. “Personally, I would like to concentrate on my own batting and contribute to the team.”

Sehwag – who recently had said he had no desire to lead India – informed the franchise of his decision immediately after the IPL’s second edition in May this year. But given the team’s great success in the tournament – they topped the league table and lost to eventual champions Deccan Chargers in the semi-final – the owners believed the decision was impulsive and decided to give him more time.

“We thought he [Sehwag] had made a statement in the heat of the moment,” a team official told Cricinfo. “We consulted him once again, about a month later. He stuck to his stand. So after deliberations we started to look for a successor and zeroed in on Gambhir.”


3 thoughts on “Viru quits Daredevils captaincy

  1. as usual I will play spoilsport/devil’s advocate and label this an opening gambit from Sehwag in the ongoing chess of the Indian dressing room. There were reports of a rift between Dhoni and Sehwag in England during the T-20 cup. Now Sehwag has taken a prolonged sabbatical to heal his injury, and renounced claims to the captaincy. As has been noted elsewhere, Yuvi is not good captaincy material either. Raina and Sharma are too busy hopping around to short pitched deliveries to be assured of a place in the side, let alone be captaincy contenders. I doubt Zaheer would make captain. He is not even Mumbai captain yet. Same for Bhajji – he has never captained anything of note, and is rather volatile. A man who has made rapid strides in cementing a place in the side is Mr Gambhir. Evolving from a top-order tyro in 2007, he played that remarkable test match saving innings in NZ. He has shown pluck, and at the same time has made all the right noises. While accepting his ICC award he paid obeisance at one of the important stations on the journey to captaincy – the obligatory “Thank you Sachin” speech. Bottomline, I believe that Gambhir is being positioned very carefully to take over from Dhoni, when Dhoni inevitably fails. Dhoni is not the classic Indian cricketer who comes up through the long grind. He is known to be openly partial to short cricket rather than Test cricket which everyone else pays full lip service to all the time. Even in the limited overs game he has been in a curious slump where he plays at 28 like Sachin does at 36 – scoring in quick singles and doubles without the big hits that distinguished him earlier. Among all the Indian batsmen his technique is the most suspect, and he is really uncomfortable against quality bowling on non-Indian pitches. I think that Gambhir, who is already well on his way to being a “senior” will be taking over captaincy soon, very likely before the 2011 world cup. Once he is, Dhoni’s future in the team is uncertain. Sehwag’s revenge!!

  2. Great decision. Sehwag is one Indian cricketer who has stood out from the crowd in understanding that captaincy is usually a burden in the long run.

    Remember he has played under Ganguly & Dravid – 2 cricketers who were put on a pedestral only to be knocked off cruelly by the administrators, media and fans …Also, can folks remember how he was criticized for his play in the second test in NZ where he was incidentally the skipper as well.

    Now, he can focus on being the carefree batsman that he wants to continue being. I shall gladly take a couple of double hundreds from him than see him labor as captain …

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