C? B!

A hilarious take by Suresh Menon, at dreamcricket.com, on the neglected subject of post-match interviews. No clips — read this one in full.

And while on fun, check out Andy Zaltzman’s inspired riff on South Africa, England and ODIs in general.

PS: Yeah, the Champions’ Trophy kicked off yesterday in South Africa with Sri Lanka playing the hosts but what with one thing and another, I only watched the game in bits and pieces — not enough to make any kind of lucid comment, so I’ll let it slide. Back at work after a day away, much catching up to do, back on here later.


2 thoughts on “C? B!

  1. Reminds me of the days when Azhar would do the post match interviews with his typical comment: “The boys batted well, The bowlers bowled well and the fielders fielded well” if India won the match and the negative if India lost. Saves everyone the thinking and understanding time. Such a visionary he was 😀

  2. If yesterday was a hint of what’s coming, I have resolved not to watch India’s batting. Everytime i tuned to the match, a wicket fell. 100% gteed results.

    I saw the dismissals of Jayawardene, Samaraweera, Kadambi, Kulasekara, Matthews, Amla, Smith, Kallis, Duminy, AB DeVelliers, Boucher and then the rain …

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