So, since Wanted has been released and is doing well according to reports, I wanted to check out the Tamil remake of the Telugu original the Hindi version is based on [Yeah, tracking creative inspirations in our films is a skilled occupation].

Did a double take when the DVD opened with this message, in these exact same words:

All the characters shown in this movie are co-incidental and does not show any resembles to anyone living or dead…

The film-makers could in the interests of full disclosure have added that any resemblance to a story line is also, like the characters, ‘co-incidental’.


2 thoughts on “Co-incidentally…

  1. By the way, it was Prabhu Deva who directed the tamil and now the Hindi versions. – and both were clearly termed as “remakes” of the telugu original. In fact the tamil remake had the same movie name as well. I think an official remake is not so bad – like the Gajini remake.. Its only when film makers claim to make a original movie – and it turns out to be “inspired” by a bunch of hollywood movies.

  2. Now, now. Lets not be snobbish. Pokkiri is masala entertainment done really well, and is extremely enjoyable. Popcorn entertainment done right needs to be appreciated for itself, specially considering how often even that is messed up by inept Indian filmmakers. Story is overrated anyway.

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