Make your own runs

Andrew Strauss was perfectly within the rules — and bang on the money — when he turned down Graeme Smith’s request for a runner the other day. What I don’t get is this bit in the ICC’s official statement on the issue:

“He [Smith] asked for a runner and the umpires took the view that cramp is a symptom of fatigue,” an ICC spokesperson was quoted as saying by PA. “Being tired does not qualify batsmen for a runner under the laws of the game. That is the way it will be interpreted by the umpires for the rest of the tournament.

Why? If the objection to runners coming on simply because a batsman tires in mid innings is valid, why is the umpire asked to enforce the proscription only for one particular tournament, and not as a rule across the board — especially since the spokesman points at the ODI rule book to justify the action?


5 thoughts on “Make your own runs

  1. Agree,Maybe the concept of a runner has become redundant,except in Test matches,where the batting side can use a runner when it’s the last session of a match and they are batting to save themselves.

  2. Agree! Whats stopping ICC from making this a rule might be BCCI backlash?!!

    When was the last time that Sachin fielded a complete innings when we bat first? I have a very strong feeling that Sachin’s batting average when India bats first in an ODI is much higher than when India is chasing. Ponting was true when he said that Sachin can probably play much longer since he plays only half matches!

    • Yup, Sachin has of late become a serial offender, though I’d suspect it is a reach to assume the ICC already processed that and decided the BCCI might jump on its back if it sought to institutionalize this.

  3. What do you not get? Looks like you have a misplaced confidence on ICC’s capabilities which included making the last edition of its premier product look pathetic and its grand finale confusing to the core. Enough said.

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