Live and LeT die

Following on from yesterday’s post, doesn’t it gladden your heart that the war on terror continues to be fought with such vim?

Indian and Pakistani dossiers on the Mumbai investigations, copies of which were obtained by The New York Times, offer a detailed picture of the operations of a Lashkar network that spans Pakistan. It included four houses and two training camps here in this sprawling southern port city that were used to prepare the attacks.

One highly placed Lashkar militant said the Mumbai attackers were part of groups trained by former Pakistani military and intelligence officials at Lashkar camps. Others had direct knowledge that retired army and ISI officials trained Lashkar recruits as late as last year.

“Some people of the ISI knew about the plan and closed their eyes,” said one senior Lashkar operative in Karachi who said he had met some of the gunmen before they left for the Mumbai assault, though he did not know what their mission would be.

3 thoughts on “Live and LeT die

    • At some point, yes, Swati, but not in the next month or so for sure. Too tired from the other thing.

  1. How big of a deal is it to tighten security on the Indo-Nepal border. Historical ties be damned, scrap the visa waiver for Nepalis. Anyway, those friggon Maoists are anti-India, why be liberal with entry from Nepal. Screen every visitor from Nepal regardless. And if Prachanda protests, just threaten to bomb the shit out of him. And get strict with Bangladesh.

    If these tiny countries can’t be held in check, what the hell are we going to do with Pakistan and China. Contain the Lashkar mischief wherever possible. And hang the damn traitors in India who aid the ISI. Does the Home ministry have the guts do to this? Or is it simply going to lodge protests and adhere to diplomatic protocol-fevicol?

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