Bhim, complete and unabridged

For all those who asked — the full Bhim and nothing but the Bhim. All 72 chapters and 124,000 words of it.

In PDF form here. In Word doc form here.

[Many thanks to regular reader and friend Karunakaran for the effort in compiling this.]

47 thoughts on “Bhim, complete and unabridged

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  2. Work piled up, sleep reduced to 4 hours…but i simply could not put down the book. Two days back to back and the book is done. A great lesson on how a well-known story can seem so different when viewed from a different point of view. I loved it. Thanks,

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  6. I’m sorry, with all due respect, your ebook is strictly ok. It is dry, filled with grammatical errors, and doesn’t really infuse much emotion. I have read Kannada and Sanskrit versions that actually do justice to the great Mahabharata. You really can’t understand the magnanimity of Bhimsen from this book – this book is simple, and should go into something like Balbharati – children’s textbooks. You will not find nuances or complexity of character here. Divakaruni’s book has infused life, and offers relatable emotions, and adds facets of human behaviour – jealousy, passion, love, and grandeur.

  7. Thank you Prem Panicker for putting this together. I have not read any other mahabharat translation or transliteration and stumbled on this from jaiarjun singh’s blog, by the way i love jaiarjun’s writing on movies. This bhimsen is so much real and wonderful and extraordinary , if I may say that, than the cartoon character he is been depicted in many movies and TV serials from where my knowledge of mahabharat comes from :). I really want to read a good similar work in english from Karan’s point of view. Karan has been my hero from very little I know of his character again from mostly TV serial and little story I heard from my grandma. please do recomend some.
    Thank you again!

  8. Prem, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I’ve been looking for the English translation of Randaamoozham, and just came back disappointed. It’s been at least 10 years since I read the original masterpiece, and I have only read through some fifteen only pages of your work. Is it a translation? Or your own rendering of MT’s work? I cant tell the difference! 🙂

    Sending this link along to all that I know. No one should be deprived of the privilege of reading one of the best retelling of an epic, ever.


  9. Thank you very much for this translation ! You have done a great service to a large number of malayalees like me who grew up outside Kerala and have looked wistfully at the malayalam copy of ‘Randammoozham’ and wished that there was an English translation…. 🙂

  10. Hi Prem,
    I have been following your writing from 1995 and really find this very interesting. I remember that I once communicated with you over one live election coverage … I have read your Bhim series and infact even my folks have read it (this is esp a big deal since my mom reads very little english stuff … she prefers Kannada over english any time). I hope you are enjoying my city Bangalore.

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