Younis sacked?

On Twitter, a friend pointed at this ToI story that suggests that Pakistan has sacked captain Younis Khan and coach Intikhab Alam in the wake of the Champions’ Trophy defeat against New Zealand. Zee, and a couple of other sites, also have the bare bones story. Further details awaited — but if the match-fixing allegation that reportedly led to the action proves true [I wonder how strong the evidence was, to prompt the PCB to take unilateral action], that will come as another blow to Pakistan cricket, which in recent times has been on the receiving end of more than its due share of slings and arrows.

8 thoughts on “Younis sacked?

  1. This looks more like politicians trying to score points more than any documented evidence of match-fixing. I doubt if Younis Khan will be comforted by that though.

  2. It’s a sad turn,the subcontinent players are under tremendous pressure from the public-If they accuse players for not bowling well,batting well or dropping catches-it is no longer a game.
    We can have an off day at work can’t we?

  3. Why the hell would someone fix a semi final of a multi nation tournament? If it were an insignificant bilateral crap match, one can understand the allegation. But why here? Thankfully the match is not held in the subcontinent or else the English hacks would have gone to town about the Indian bookmakers and eventually blame the IPL for making players greedy.

  4. On that count, the final was also fixed. Vettori deliberately pulled out citing a hamstring injury. After the new ball bowlers bowled splendidly, the next rung bowlers gave the game away deliberately. there was no way Watson could have played such a great innings.

    Man! Where will this all end?

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