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1. The secret of success: Marry Chris Evert. Oh and on the morning after, don’t forget to click on this link and update the scorecard.

2. What to  call this bunch, The Dirty Five Dozen? ISI offers the Taliban a new ‘get out of jail free’ card: enter India, cause mayhem. George Bush was right after all, when he repeatedly called Pakistan ‘a front line ally in the war on terror’ — without them there would be no terror, ergo no war.

While on Pakistan-related issues, the latest updates on Stratfor contains an analysis of the October 5 suicide bomb attack on the Islamabad office of the United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP).

Also, a TimesOnline story that sources army chaplains to say US troops in Afghanistan are rapidly losing heart, as the war completes eight years.

3. No wonder they call China the world’s manufacturing hub — they make anything there these days. Even virgins.

4. The guy in the lead image in this NYT story is wasted as a farmer. With aim like this

5. Maldives highlights global warming by holding an underwater cabinet meeting [Hat tip Titto Antony]. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh nearly followed suit last week.

6. Introducing a group blog — and a story of how Kaminey became Kill Bill.

7. When you separate the contents of a daily newspaper into stories, ads and just plain rubbish, what do you get? This.

8. In the Independent, Emma Townshend interviews Richard Dawkins. And while on everyone’s favorite god-basher, a  delightful read by way of bonus [Link courtesy Atanu Dey]

9. Why does India find American ‘liberals’ harder to deal with than its conservatives? Bhanu Pratap Mehta examines the seeming paradox.

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5 thoughts on “Eye Browse

  1. Prem,
    Interesting linke that correlates the Chris Evert effect on her spouse’s sports fortune as a Midas touch.

    One of the comments in there was interesting – “All Frenchmen beware!
    Chrissie is after another Grand Slam!! After capturing an Englishman, an American, and an Australian, only a Frenchman remains!!”


  2. Thanks for sharing Bhanu Pratap Mehta’s article. It explains in great detail what I just say in one sentence ‘American Conservatives are friends of India.’ but never could explain nicely why. I am going to share this with my Obama obsessed indian friends who can’t see past his ‘achievement’ of becoming president. He covers all the causes and culprits in single article. Awesome, plain awesome. Big Thanks.

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