Ooof — break

Working on the few remaining pages of India Abroad — and then a two-day break. Much to say but it can all wait for Monday. Be well you guys, and here’s to a great weekend.


One thought on “Ooof — break

  1. Wonder what you thought of Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize?

    My 2 cents: I see this as the Nobel Committee using this year’s prize to remind Obama of the importance of his Presidency not just for the american economy but for the global community – Nuclear disarmament, tackling the global climate change & restructuring the global financial industry post the 2008 meltdown.

    The closest example that i can think of is the NFL (American Football) Contracts. Matt Ryan received one of the richest contracts when he signed the deal last year with the Falcons though he hadn’t played a single game. The same is the case with Stanford who received more gtee money than Tom brady without playing a single game. Why? Potential. I see this award the same way for Obama.

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