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Bad back, hence. Likely spend the day resting — any random thoughts that occur, here.


3 thoughts on “Blog on a breather

  1. Prem,

    I am reminded of Harsha’s “Rahul bhai ko upar kar dena” comment today. I really hope that the selectors had the basic decency to call Dravid and let him know what exactly they have in mind with him. Is it horses for courses? Or are they just admitting that they got it wrong? Whatever it is, I hope that Dravid knows a little more about all this than the general public.


  2. Great team selection! This team has the ability to finish 50 over’s game in 30-35 over’s if they play to their strength. That is attacking. RD’s omission was expected. He was just playing survival cricket.We call this survival cricket in Florida. In the local cricket league I see some guys going at one-down run singles hard bat for 10 overs and score 25 of 30 balls say they control the game in the middle. Fact is that it is very easy to do that in 20 or 30 over matches when the field is spread out. This is more of a protecting their wicket than playing with end in mind. Having said that I am glad RJ is back.Fan of his 🙂

    This should be the last series for MSD as captain either play attacking game or get the boot. Chance for Gambir & Yuvi to make their claims. YS brings lot of panju culture but more likeable & aggressive.

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