If Ishant Sharma doesn’t get back to being the pacy spearhead of the Indian bowling attack, it won’t be for lack of good advice. Anil Kumble had some for the bowler not long ago; now it is the turn of Sourav Ganguly:

Q Why do our fast bowlers lose pace and consistency after a year in international cricket? Ishant Sharma is the latest casualty.

A They’re all young and they bowl with venom when they come into international cricket. The problem arises when they return from a long series. It’s imperative that bowlers like Ishant have personal trainers—they can afford the best. They train unsupervised, not knowing what their body needs.  Munaf, RP, Sreesanth, Ishant must all do this. If Ishant wants to play for India for another decade, and he has the potential, he must do this immediately.


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  1. I think Anil even though he is not a fast bowler himself would make an excellent bowling coach to this lot. His work ethics and professional is what the younger lot needs.

  2. Connecting this post and the previous one – what kind of a question is

    Harbhajan continues to speak of you all the time. Will he be India’s trump card?


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