Safe and insecure

Indian cricket captain M S Dhoni and off-spinner Harbhajan Singh gave some anxious moments to the police in Chandigarh when they left the team hotel without informing them.

Yuvraj Singh also went out declining an offer to have security personnel with him on Sunday night.

Police said they were not amused at the “irresponsible action” of the players and have prepared a report about the “security violations” made by them.

From this story. Does it strike you as fairly asinine behavior from players who argue the ‘security’ case when it comes to complying with WADA’s testing policies?


4 thoughts on “Safe and insecure

  1. yeah, of course. cos one evening out is the same as giving your 2 year or 1 year schedule, isn’t it? c’mon man, wada rules were like imprisonment.

  2. That security pretext is a hogwash. Along with hundred others, I can tell exactly where Dhoni and his men could be found in the next 3 months. You look at the FTP or/and itinerary and you kow it. Bhajji and Mahi also have the brazenness to emblazon their names on their Hummer that makes it easy to identify them when they hit the road. Who they want to kid?

  3. Absolutely!Cmon Prem even American Presidents have managed to get under tables ,so for our guys to raise the security Bogey is ridiculous.Maybe they are using performance enhancers of the “other kind”.Some players seem to be given preferential treatment and long ropes.Bhajji is one of them,he has been more in the news for off the field activities and continues to be in the team,maybe time to rest him,and a Sreesanth who has done almost as worst gets slapped on the wrist at will nowadays.What happened to the likes of Pragyan Ojha and Amit Misra coming in place?I am sure India has other offies as well.

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