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Hey, all — have certain personal decisions to make, a life — mine –to reorder. Apt to have my head wrapped around these things for the next two-three days, so outside of maybe random thoughts on each day’s play in the first Test, unlikely to be on this thing. Will also occasionally be on Twitter — and back with more regular blog posts after Wednesday. Be well.


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  1. Dont know why, but was worried since you said you were going to reorder you “life” – but looks like its just a career reorder. Congrats!

    • Actually, me too!

      Was wondering if one could do a TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) on blog fragments!

    • It did seem more personal than career-related and for a moment I thought it was the 55-year itch he referred to in twitter 🙂

    • Yes, Prem. I too was concerned that you could be facing some marital problems or addiction problems. Good to know it was only a career move 🙂

  2. Have a good time at Yahoo! Hope both you & Y! benefit from the relationship.

    I had a feeling this was cooking when you gave the hint on twitter, “Woosh! Social media is quite something – I thought I was going home; now I find I’m going to Yahoo! 🙂 1 day ago” ….
    but i didn’t want to jump the gun.

    But now that the newshounds have it out…

    tell us what you feel about the 13 years and your perspective on the morrow.


  3. Just in case you missed it

    But read this extract :

    Although the samples were small, the pollster’s conclusions ought to ring alarm bells. Alas, the situation is even worse than had been feared. Connoisseurs have long been convinced that Test cricket commands widespread respect. Shorter versions of the game might attract attention but devotees dismissed them as forgettable and disposable.

    The survey tells a different tale. The results do not make for pretty reading. Only 7 per cent of Indians, 19 per cent of Kiwis and 12 per cent of South Africans put Test cricket above its peers. Most Indians favour Twenty20, while Kiwis like ODI’s.

    Now that is shocking ! only 7% of indians put Tests about T20 and ODIs! It now makes me believe that the BCCI / ICC just end up being a punch bag!

  4. Prem,

    All the best in your decision. We will follow your posts where ever you are – Rediff or Yahoo.


  5. Alright, I am too late happy to see you move on to Now I can follow you again in Google reader, the bad formatting of RSS earlier was obstructing me.

  6. It was good to see Test Cricket at its best today and the way the Indians came out of the hole.The media continued to amaze me -the way Ravi was asked to answer about RD and he was fumbling for words-the guy couldn’t just praise him,wonder what he would have said about ST.(Am sure he would have been effusive),MSD and Yuvi played well,but for most phases were outscored by RD-yes it can be a funny game,a day were lot of records were rewritten.
    Another of RD’s knock for the memory

    • Did you expect anything better? 🙂 We should celebrate SRT’s glorious 20 years of intl cricket and not waste our time on a small matter of someone saving India’s record of not having lost to SL in India. Even if that guy happens to be someone who has played 6-7 yrs less of intl cricket and still achieved more than SRT in Test cricket.

      • Hmm! Actually no,but then you inciting a debate between the SRT fans and the RD fans which is anyways more due to the media,apparently all are in a T20 mode,Ravi was expecting fireworks from Dilshan after lunch,that’s what it has done everyone expects a Sehwag or a Dilshan to go bang bang and all others to do the same.Strike rate is what cricket has come down to,no one expects the bowlers to do well (other than our bowlers of course!)

        • Coming to our bowlers, right now, other than Zak, do we have any world class bowler? I am not posting this on the basis of this innings. Harbhajan should’ve been out long time back. Mishra has not lived up to his initial promise. I still haven’t lost hope on Ishant. But, I feel he should be given a break. I would be glad if I’m proved wrong tomorrow. But, I don’t think I would be:-(

          • I agree,we are having a paucity in the bowling department,we hounded Kumble to retirement.We ae not resting bhajji for maybe an Ojha?Maybe Bhajji has played too much cricket,we could have given Sreesanth a chance.I have not seen any discusson on MSD’s captaincy-to bat first and choice of bowlers,field placing or trying out Sehwag/SRT

            • I will not jump to any conclusions based on their performance on THIS wicket.

              This one is a bowler’s graveyard. BCCI is killing cricket with such wickets.

              the next test is at Kanpur – another batting paradise. The only hope is if Brabourne provides a sporting track.

              • Kalki, Did you says sporting wicket ?? I believe BCCI just don’t have the definition of a sporting wicket. I am afraid, at this rate, test match is all done and dusted if just a few years. Is this one of the agendas of BCCI?

                All the talks about sporting wicket (we know what happened to mumbai in 2004 after the Nagpur 2004 test vs the aussies) are plain and simple rubbish.


              • Kalki-My point about the bowling wasn’t based on this wicket Bhajji has played way too much cricket same with Ishant,if you ask BCCI-they will say the wicket is the responsibility of the host association/curator and they are given a free hand,and I am not sure our captains want a good wicket.Every one wants to protect their records consciously or unconsciously.i would say this wicket still had 5 sessions for the bowlers and others for the batsmen.

  7. Prem -you take care ,while it’s been an interesting session of Test cricket after a long while-there have been wickets,4s and a six.

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