Test 3, Day 2

Nice start to the morning: SL ends sub-400. Immediately, what this means for the Indians is that they are faced with a modest follow-on target of 194 [absurd to think of ‘follow on’? Not really — when a team goes out confronting say 500+, that is the prospect that weighs on their minds and creates pressure].

For once, we have a wicket with everything: seam and decent bounce for bowlers with the skills to extract those qualities; spin not negated by an absurdly slow track; good value for shots. Almost the definition of a ‘Test wicket’.

Should be an engrossing day; will do a roundup at close. Oh btw, thanks for the feedback on the Test post and the Open review; will get back in here to respond to your comments, in a bit.

8 thoughts on “Test 3, Day 2

    • It does seem the two teams are batting on two different wickets,

      Just because India piled on the runs does not make it a batting beauty. If you had followed the SL innings, you would have seen the bowlers getting good assistance.

      This is just an Indian team that is batting at its very best in a long long time.

      • The wicket did have more bounce on the first day than on the second. I still believe 550 is a par score for any team playing first on this pitch. Typically the second and the third days are the best days for batting and India are making the most of it. If SL had gone in with only 4 down instead of 8 down they would have taken advantage of the easing wicket.

  1. IMO, this pitch has played like a very good batting wicket until now. Not much in it for the bowlers. There is turn for the spinners but the pitch is not fast and bouncy enough to trouble the batsmen at this level. You can see the way both the Indian openers are playing Murali – off the back foot, very late and letting the ball turn into them. Fast bowlers don’t have much hope either with the ball consistently staying low and no movement in the air at all. Sri Lanka’s batsmen missed a golden chance to pile up a 550+ score and put pressure on the Indian batsmen.

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