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The BCCI is working on getting the UCBSA to agree to drop two one day internationals and play Tests instead. The bad news, of a kind, is that if it happens it will be merely a two-Test series. Ah well — the thought of cutting back on ODIs in favor of Tests is worth applauding. And we get to watch Tests against opposition stiffer than Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, in the year coming up. Yay. [The cynical side of me — a very large side, when it comes to the BCCI — says this is a reflection of the BCCI’s realization that now India is number one in the ICC rankings table, it can effectively monetize a match-up between the ‘champions’ and the ‘challengers’. But hush.]


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  1. This man, Ashish Ray has some hold inside BCCI. On the 7th of December he predicted that BCCI was re-thinking / planning to hold a test series. Frankly I would have bet my fortune for the contrary.

    However going by today’s release BCCI has indeed given up to public pressure !!!

    • prabhu, don’t kid yourself! This not down to public pressure but due to the fact that BCCI know they can milk this series, as Prem suggested in a hushed tone 🙂

  2. “Hopefully before the next World Cup we would get it right. We will have the third edition of the IPL before that which I think will help. IPL will give us the right preparation.”
    India’s inconsistency in Twenty20 is an area of concern for MS Dhoni.

    This was from our Indian Captain. I thought our team was too tired due to last IPL just ahead of world cup! I wonder either public memory is short …err Captains memory is short here? Wonder and amusing what a ringing dollar/Rupee can do to the sane cricketer; huh.

  3. You guys swamped PP with questions!

    Anyhow, let me add another one! Don’t you think it would be good to stuff in those 2 Tests against a quality side? Something is better than nothing, as they say, and it may take monkey off BCCI’s back!

    • I am never a fan of two Tests — not even of three Tests between top sides. The teams pretty much take the first Test to tweak their games [especially true of the visiting side, or even the home side when it hasn’t played Tests for a bit]. The competition begins to get interesting through the second and third Tests, and often you find that the teams are just hitting their peak when the short series ends. I like five-test series, especially between the top three-four sides [while on which, whoever thought you’d be able to say that one day, and include our team in that list 🙂 ] — but as tea cup pointed out, beggars, choosers.

      • The beggar-chooser thing hurts when it’s tagged to your fav/national well-playing time. So that hurt at the first place and brought out the something-nothing theory.

        On the contrary, we deserve to he choosers at the helm of the rankings.

  4. As far as I know, the FTP mandates a minimum of 2 Tests per series and uses the results for its rankings.

    While I don’t know why the BCCI (and the UCBSA) are trying “arrange” something now (like Tifosiguy said above), I am pretty sure that the BCCI is going for 2 tests to reduce revenue loss from the ODI/T20s and still give the team to hold on to the #1 rank.

  5. From the very little I understand about the FTP – I don’t see why a test series between S Af and India need to be scheduled.

    As far as I know according to the FTP, each team should play each other home and away within a timespan of 6 years. Looking at that :

    India played in South Africa in 2006, South Africa played in India in 2008.

    India played in Aus in 2007, Aus played in India in 2008.

    India played in Eng in 2007, Eng played in India last year.

    India played in Pak in 2007(or was it 06?), and Pak played in India in 06/07/08 – can’t be bothered to look up the exact years…

    The remaining test playing nations are SL ( done and dusted home and away within the last three years), NZ ( only played away early 09), West Indies ( played away in 07?), and Zim/Bangl

    All said and doen though I would appreciate a test series against South Africa.

    • Damn you’re good! Figured all that out about the FTP did you — that is way more than I know 🙂 Seriously — that ranking system is a bloody disgrace. I much prefer the version Harsha’s brother Srinivas devised for us [wiki: ] but when I went looking just now, damned if I could find the latest updates. Must check with SB.

  6. I had the same reaction on reading the news, why just 2 tests? It is better than playing nothing but just two test matches against the same team is barely a “series”. Well, you know that saying about beggars being choosers?

    • Oh, I’ll take the two Tests on the better than none theory — actually, pleasantly surprised the BCCI thought of it. And that is why I suspect they pinged the market and found possibilities.

      • Well, I’ll take it whatever paths it had to go through to get here! If the BCCI were to function as a pure capitalist setup in everything it does, it might not be all bad …. yes, stage 1 would be where it fleeces everyone and everything for whatever it can get. but a later realisation will dawn that it needs to build-develop and take a longer term view … ah well, one can but hope …

        • Second that! The BCCI is actually more responsive now to the market. Who knows, maybe they’ll go for more result-oriented pitches in the future too.

  7. Prem do you happen to know how the rankings are exactly calculated? been looking for it, but haven’t found a detailed explanation yet.
    as for the post – I agree with the cynic! but then, we get to watch good Test cricket, so thank god for that!

    • Not a clue. I know it is out there somewhere — only because I recall reading it once, a long time ago. Over time, I kind of gave up on those rankings altogether — it involves a degree of mathematical ability that is beyond me. 🙂

  8. Something I wanted to ask. Isn’t who plays who in tests decided by FTP. In that case, why was BCCI getting all the flak? And will the tests against SA now scheduled be a part of FTP?

    Somebody please enlighten me

    • It’s not quite so clear cut. The FTP draws up a program of sorts, then leaves it to individual boards to do their own revisions/tweaking. So often you find that a Test, or whatever, has been scheduled but then the concerned boards put their heads together and came up with other ideas. Take this for instance: the FTP has SA and India playing a bunch of ODIs, but now the two boards are deciding to play a couple of Tests. Most times, with India, it works the other way — this happens to be a happy exception.

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