Extended break

The usual, guys — busy winding up 20 years of life in Mumbai, and 14 years in Rediff. A bit stretched for mind space, hence off blog for another day. Back Wednesday — with thoughts on the first ODI and much else.


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  1. @Tamil Indian — We don’t have the powers of jinxing, as much as we would like to think we do, as fans. 🙂 Rest easy. It took me many, many years of fandom to realize I cannot, by just holding my sitting position through the course of an entire Sachin Tendulkar’s Innings or a match, affect the outcome.

    • Agree. BCCI is making a mockery of cricket by providing flat as concrete pitches for ODIs and T20s. Of course, BCCI is only concerned with moolah, so I guess it makes sense from their point of view. Unfortunately, it’s sad.

      • Let’s see, when SA chase down Australia’s 434 at Johannesburg, its all skill of the players and not the flat pitch? How about the the 392 that India scored in NZ which the home team made good run at? Please.. People need to stop blaming everything and anything on BCCI. Get over it.

        • Who said chasing 434 is skill? I still cringe when people refer to that match as the greatest ODI ever. It was just the greatest hitting exhibition ever. It was not a cricket match.

        • To me, the SA match was no different…it certainly wasn’t “the greatest cricket match ever” etc etc. The reason to drag BCCIs name to the mud is simple: look at the recent trend – approx. 50% of test matches played in India end up in draws with flat pitches the main culprit, the first test in this series was a yawning bore, the 2 T20s were on absolute flat beds with runs raining down, and finally this ODI was another run fest. Certainly not a contest between bat and ball as Cricket is supposed to be.

          • And we bemoan the lack of great bowlers today. Who would want to be a bowler if the conditions are loaded heavily in favour of batsmen?

  2. congrats prem for surviving that long in Bombay oooops in mumbai,

    u did city writing once in while while u were in york, why dont post once in while on mumbai? anything just street talk, or this or your busy ride back to home or whatever i loved that piece last year u did after attack on that massive rally


  3. 200 seems to be a possibility now – though I was at chepauk for the Anwar record I WANT sehwag to take over….

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