Indibloggies: felicitations

The Indibloggies 2008 results are out, and several favorites [including some good friends] have won in their respective categories.

The big winner is Arnab, whose Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind takes the palm in both ‘best indiblog’ and ‘most humorous’ categories. Icing on the cake: the blog is now a Hall of Famer — which, like Amit Varma’s entry into the Hall this year, is great news for the rest of us since it means we don’t have to compete with Arnab here on 🙂

Ramesh Srivats, another good friend, wins the ‘microblog’ award. But naturally — he is my personal port of call for the news of the day, served up with a twist of irony. And oh yes, Gaurav Mishra — another friend, another daily read — wins in the ‘business’ category.

Great to see the breadth of the winning slate, actually — blogging in India is gradually moving from dilettante activity to serious discourse, and how good is that?!


11 thoughts on “Indibloggies: felicitations

  1. Fake IPL Player won the sports catagory…. Something to take note about…

    Well I follow both arnab and amit and obviously yours too… I was thinking that arnab will get most humourous blog award and you the best blog… Well hard luck… but u dont have competition from arnab any more…


    • *LOL* Manan, I threw that bit about the competition in there as a joke. If I have to bank on the high quality bloggers like Amit, Arnab etc being quarantined from competition before I can win, then it’s not an award I’d particularly care for.

  2. I voted for both arnab and ramesh srivats in the categories they were nominated in. son of bosey seems to be a very interesting blog too… do you happen to know anand ramachandran too prem?
    he writes on cricinfo for their page 2 section. i’ve found him hilarious.

  3. I have been regularly following your’s, Amit’s and Arnab’s blog….well two of them are in the hall of fame and I sincerely believe you are due…

    Hard luck this time Prem….I was rooting for you.

    • No issues, mate — this is for 2008, and frankly my blogging that year didn’t deserve awards. half the time I was away, including a straight 3-month lay off; the blog had major formatting and other issues that forced a migration… being nominated for that year came as a surprise. Amit and Arnab are brilliant bloggers, easily the best in the country. To ‘lose’ to them is no catastrophe 🙂

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