Broad, redux

Had this nagging feeling, while writing the previous post on Chris Broad and the Australia-West Indies imbroglio. Here’s that thought, crystallized as a link. Something strike you as odd?

Watson, in the incident linked to above, pleaded not guilty. He got the minimum punishment. The match referee was Chris Broad.

Benn, in the incident yesterday in Australia, pleaded not guilty. He got the maximum punishment. The match referee was Chris Broad. Who, while delivering sentence, said:

Benn has the right to appeal and Broad said there was every chance he would have received a lesser penalty had he pleaded guilty.

If there is one thing Broad is, it is consistent.

Consistently illogical, that is.

PostScript: In the Gambhir-Watson incident, by the way, Gambhir pleaded guilty. And got the one match ban anyway. See what I mean about consistency?

11 thoughts on “Broad, redux

  1. I check your site after controversies because the extreme crazies ramblings on such things are often good for a laugh. You certainly didn’t disappoint. A+, would skim read again.

  2. I am astounded that none of your reporters have reported on the fact that the ICC has not suspended not one white cricketer.

  3. well i gambhir’s case he had a convenient excuse . gambhir was already charged with a similar offence in the prior 12 months.

  4. Prem
    Why can’t the boards of respective team take up this with ICC? I mean, if they all unite and fight, there could be some action. If BCCI alone does it, then those gentlemen columnist think its flexing it money power ;)…so, need for other boards too to work against that ‘Broad’.

  5. The saddest part about this stuff is the fact that it results in people thinking all whites who watch cricket or who work in the industry are racists. Stereotypes are there because they are true, I agree, but people like Chris Broad make it very difficult for those who actually believe in justice and equality to break down the barriers that seem to have such a negative impact on something which should unite us.

  6. Pak terrorists should have killed this racist SOB chris broad in pakistan itself , we won’t be wasting our time in discussing his evil eacts.

  7. I think it is time to disband ICC. It is getting ridicolous that ICC employ outright white KKK supremacists as Match referees!.

  8. Broad’s sentence itself is a violation of ICC Code of Conduct. It explicitly states that plea bargaining is not permitted!

    7.6.4 Nothing in this Code of Conduct shall permit plea bargaining in relation to any alleged offence committed under this Code of Conduct

  9. @shalini,
    aggrieved parties (you and i) can do one thing: stop watching cricket sham (racist bigots ruling browns and blacks). aggrieved parties (brown/ black cricketers) can split the ICC and start the higher league of cricket, or perhaps abandon the test cricket and join ICL/IPL…
    Broad or that racist umpire (what’s his name, who called Murli chucker) are a part of the same problem, asshole…
    — ashish

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