The dil maange more man

Virender Sehwag interviews are always fun to read — words that would sound vainglorious in the mouth of any other player, up to and including a Sachin Tendulkar, seem perfectly natural when Sehwag utters them. Check this bit out, from an interview by Boria Majumdar in Open:

I don’t want to sound pompous. But I can surely tell you that once I get to 60 or 70 there’s no bowler in the world who can get Virender Sehwag out. Only Virender Sehwag can get Sehwag out at moments when I am batting the way I am currently. My philosophy has always been to make the most of the situation when you are in form. So when I go out there, I identify a bowler and get after him. If he is the best bowler in the opposition, your job becomes much easier.

Outrageous, you think? Consider his follow up:

Q But scoring 280 not out in Test match cricket is phenomenal—is it a plan or did it just happen?

A There are no conscious plans like this in place. I have made it very simple for myself. There are 90 overs to be played in a day. If I am able to hit a boundary in 80 of these I can get to a triple hundred by the end of the day’s play and set a match up for my team. Gavaskar and Srikkanth have told me that I should just hold off for the first 15 minutes or the first four of five overs. Once the initial 15 minutes are over, I can get to many more hundreds. That’s exactly what I am doing.

If more cricket players spoke like this, interviews would be worth reading. Then again, if more players could bat like Sehwag…


7 thoughts on “The dil maange more man

  1. I think Sehwag is the child Gavaskar and Srikkanth would have had if Gavaskar (with his hunger for Hundreds above all else) and Srikkanth (with his contemptuous hard hitting without regard for time, place, occasion or bowler skill) could have a child.

  2. Singing Bhajans while whacking the bowlers!!Prem, You missed to highlight that!!!

    Imagine Sehwag singing “vaishnav jan tene kahiye je pidh parayi jaane re”..A Gujju bhajan made famous by Ghandhiji which translates roughly to “You can call yourself God’s child only if you undestand others pain/plight”…next bowl six straight down the ground..out of the stadium!!!

  3. Hi Prem, Sehwag’s interviews are ‘refreshing’ possibly because lot of people judge him differently from how they would judge say Dravid, or Kumble,or Laxman. Most people seem to think of Sehwag as a dumb-ass, naive, illiterate village idiot who just happens to be good at wielding the willow in a cavalier manner no matter what the situation the team finds itself. Thats the reason people are a bit ‘patronising, of his comments. Sehwag does his best to live up to that prototype (either intentionally or un-intentionally).

    • re: “..Most people seem to think of Sehwag as a dumb-ass, naive, illiterate village idiot…”
      I think that “Most” comprise you only! Sehwag is one of the legend of cricket, who redefined the opening batting in Tests. He has scored over 17,000 international runs with unheard strike rates & healthy averages. I can’t believe a worthless smelly m@nkey like you can use such a language against him.

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